Comfort Walk Range increasing demand among family members


January 19: Comfort Walk (from the house of Red Chief Shoes) as was launched few months ago for offering comfort and style through a wide range of footwear, is gaining ground and in repeat demand from consumers.

Comfort Walk range comprises not only Flip Flops, Floaters, Sandals but also shoes in economy range and both for men and women. USP of this range is comfort along with style.

Mr. Akhilesh Singh, Chief Operating Officer, elaborated, Ever since we launch our Comfort Walk brand – we remained successful in providing a variety of footwear options to all family members, and this credit also goes to our distributors and retailers who helped us in spreading our range to every nook and corner of Uttar Pradesh.

With the music video campaign we launched a short while ago, highlighting the brand tagline“ Fit hai Confuse Kise Kare Choose“ also helped us in establishing further brand recall and creating demand among all family members. This campaign is consistently under promotion across digital media, print, cinema and enhanced visibility at multibrand retailer shop.

Looking at encouraging response – we are further adding to width and depth of our range both for men and women and shortly going to enter other states too, which will be announced soon.

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