Revolutionizing Hiring: Unveils AI Platform for Faster, Smarter Recruitment

New Delhi (India), June 26: In response to record-breaking job market turnover rates,, a visionary force in recruitment technology, unveils its groundbreaking AI platform designed to streamline and enhance the hiring process for businesses worldwide. Launched in 2023, hiroscope leverages cutting-edge AI to empower businesses of all sizes and industries with faster, smarter, and more efficient recruitment solutions.

The current job market presents a unique challenge for employers. With an overwhelming volume of applicants and a significant skills gap, hiring managers struggle to identify qualified candidates. According to a survey by Wiley, over half (52%) of hiring managers report challenges in finding individuals with the right skill sets (Wiley Newsroom) ( and the “Great Resignation” of 2021 saw over four million U.S. employees leave their jobs, marking a 20-year high (Pew Research Center) ( This unprecedented turnover underscore the critical need for innovative hiring solutions.

Recruitment And Staffing Market size was valued at USD 7,16,058.66 Million in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 15,01,753.67 Million by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 9.73% from 2024 to 2031. (Grand View Research). hiroscope addresses this need by offering a comprehensive AI-powered recruitment solution that helps businesses identify and engage top talent quickly.

hiroscope boasts a revolutionary advancement in candidate pre-screening. Its AI algorithms automate resume screening, matching candidates with job descriptions, and evaluating skills and motivations within minutes. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures a curated list of highly relevant candidates tailored to specific needs.

hiroscope goes beyond traditional methods by performing comprehensive evaluations. The platform meticulously assesses technical, behavioural, and cognitive skills, providing a focused approach to recruitment and significantly streamlining the hiring process. Its easy-to-understand ranking system further simplifies candidate selection, allowing hiring managers to identify the best fit quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, hiroscope compiles detailed profiles from interviews, offering hiring managers data-driven insights to make confident and informed decisions. This ensures businesses find the right talent for their teams, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness.

The use of AI in recruitment is a game-changer. According to a LinkedIn survey, 67% of hiring managers report AI saving them time, and 43% say it reduces bias. AI-driven tools can also increase hiring process efficiency by up to 30%.

“At hiroscope, our mission is to transform hiring by integrating cutting-edge AI technology,” says Gaurav Guha, CEO of hiroscope. “Our solution not only addresses the common pain points in recruitment but also enhances the overall experience, ensuring the right fit for every role.”

“hiroscope is more than just a recruitment tool—it’s a game-changer for the modern workforce,” adds Shivam Singhal, CTO. “Our AI algorithms ensure precise candidate matching, aligning their potential with organizational needs like never before.”

Designed for all industries, from technology and healthcare to finance and education, hiroscope’s AI capabilities promote diversity by eliminating unconscious bias from hiring decisions.

Since its inception, hiroscope has been dedicated to making the hiring process more efficient and fairer. By automating initial stages and integrating AI, hiroscope significantly reduces time-to-hire and costs, offering a seamless and intelligent solution. As the recruitment industry evolves, hiroscope stands at the forefront, ready to set new standards and redefine hiring practices.

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