Rising Youth Superstars Of India 2022 – ‘They Will Rule The World One Day


May 28: Did you know that kids who get published at a young age are more likely to develop a superb sense of self-esteem, become self-starters, and experience greater academic success?

Publishing achievements in this book shows your child that they matter to the world. When you get your child’s achievements published, you’re showing them that their talent is valuable and important enough to share with the world.

RISING YOUTH SUPERSTARS OF INDIA 2022 is India’s first-ever book that will do the same for your child and will get published soon! This book chronicles your child’s achievements over time.

 RISING YOUTH SUPERSTARS OF INDIA 2022 book is something they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. Sure, they might not care about it when they’re young, but when they become adults, they’ll be so glad that they have this book filled with achievements they achieved at such a young age.

Kids want that their parents recognize that all the work they do and the hard times they face are worth it. The easiest way for you to let them know this is by publishing their achievements in this book. GFRIS Foundation is behind this superb idea of publishing kids’ achievements.

Publishing is the ultimate confidence boost. When your child sees their achievements in a real book, they’ll have a new outlook on themselves. This book will help your child to develop as a leader.

Millions of parents, schools and coaches are providing child’s achievements, so hurry and don’t miss this chance to get them published!!!

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