Ayushya Clinic takes a new approach to mental health healing with acupuncture

Ayushya Clinic takes a new approach to mental health healing with acupuncture

Kolkata, West Bengal India, December 14: Bangalore-based alternative medicine centre Ayushya Clinic has floated an innovative approach to treat mental illness and disorders with the use of acupuncture healing. The clinic envisions revolutionizing the treatment of health issues and disorders by limiting and eliminating dependence on medicines.

Ayushya Clinic was founded by Dr Pravin and Dr Pooja with the vision to combine the power of natural medicines and modern science to help treat physical and mental health issues quickly and effectively. The founders believe that acupuncture and acupressure are great techniques for efficient healing without having to worry about any side effects.

As per the founders, the progress in the aspect of mental health treatment and awareness in India has been fairly recent especially after covid19 hit the world. As awareness rises, and more and more people come forward to address and heal their mental well-being, they often find it difficult to access proper treatment for their illness. Ayushya Clinic aspires to aid people in getting the right treatment and guidance to overcome their mental & psychological disorders through consistent therapy in a much more affordable way.

In conversation with Dr Pooja, she mentioned that in the aftermath of the pandemic, the clinic has seen a tremendous uptick in the number of people looking for alternative remedies to treat various mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, addiction, and many others.

Dr. Pravin added, “A lot of our new patients have already undergone conventional mental health therapy and are looking for new ways to cope with their well-being. While a few of our patients find it very beneficial to blend psychiatric treatment and acupuncture therapy, many have found our therapy as a more suitable alternative for them personally.”

Insomnia, one of the most prevalent sleep problems, affects 40% of adults. According to common consensus, 10%–15% of the population experiences chronic insomnia, and another 25%–35% experience episodic or temporary insomnia. The commonly used medications include hypnotic sedative agents, which may cause adverse effects such as memory loss, drug resistance, dependency, and addiction. Acupuncture has been proved to be one of the effective complementary and alternative medical therapies for insomnia. It is said that sickness may arise when your energy is blocked. This could appear as mental symptoms like stress and anxiety or physical signs like a back problem etc. Acupuncture is considered to balance your organs, mind, and body by assisting in clearing blockages and restoring flow of blood and energy. The needles from acupuncture treatments release endorphins in your body. An increase in this hormone naturally boosts your brain and body relieving pain, symptoms of depression, anxiety, compulsive disorders and insomnia. Ayushya Clinic also offers various alternative therapies for curing orthopaedic, infertility, neurological, and other health disorders. 

“Acupuncture is not just dry needling. Unlike other practitioners, we use tried and tested treatments which are the combination of proper acupuncture methods & its different styles in amalgamation with several other principles, which brings out the best results. We have successfully restored cases where there was no hope of recovery, and no treatments available, such as the cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare disorder in which a patient’s immune system attacks the nervous system and eventually paralyzes the whole body. We have made patients recover from the symptoms and lead normal lives.” Dr Pooja added.  

Ayushya has successfully treated more than 10K+ patients diagnosed with various health issues. Patients with unwavering treatment schedules and consistency have successfully recovered and can effectively manage their mental as well as physical health with the help of consistent ongoing treatment.

“I have been undergoing acupuncture treatment for my anxiety at Ayushya for the past one and a half months now. I felt a notable difference right after my first couple of sessions itself. My therapy here has helped me remarkably in reducing my stress and anxiety levels without having to take my tablets anymore.”, said a patient of Ayushya Clinic.

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