Modelling Cops organizing one of the biggest unofficial PUBG tournaments in Dubai named Modelling Cops survivor series 1.0


Dubai [UAE], June 18: The gaming world is changing its course and people are going crazy over the exciting events happening around the world. Modelling Cops is a one-stop solution for providing online and offline events for gaming solutions to companies planning by creating and managing the content. It is a leading Esports solution provider in Asia helping in attracting pro gamers and casual fans across the globe. The idea behind Modelling Cops is to generate compelling content for different networks of channels. Their ultimate motto as they say is ‘your dreams, your way.’ The company was first established in 2018 and eventually moved its niche completely to Esports in 2020. The company has gained a lot of fame in the past year and is mostly famous amongst the younger crowd and experienced gamers.

Modelling Cops invested more than 50,000 USD for their tournament from the year 2020-2021. Recently they have announced their unofficial tournament with a prize pool of more than 150,000 USD with the name of Modelling Cops survivor series 1.0 shocking the industry with a blow. The event has been organized offline in Dubai hosted by the world-famous Coca-Cola indoor arena. The event is one of its kind as participants from across the globe will be joining making this a grand event for the company.

The founder Mr. Aman Azad mentioned, ‘Modelling Cops was my dream and I have built it through a lot of struggle. Worked day and night for this to grow and put a lot of effort into making this a success. It is not just a company but an emotion for me.’

Mr. Aman Azad is the founder-CEO of Modelling Cops who is originally a lawyer by profession. He is also considered a passionate businessman and his first venture was at the age of 17 with a startup. With these endless working experiences, he is now handling multiple business creations including content creation, streaming, video creation, short uploads, and much more. His love for Esports has got him invested in this business as he has given his heart and soul to this idea bringing an Esports revolution into action. His business grabbed the attention of many countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Oman, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and many more reflected through their social presence. He aims to put this on the world map aiming to grow vigorously. He also believes in acting as a team so his employees are a strong unit working towards the growth of the company. The series is an unofficial PUBG mobile event in the history of Esports earlier arranged to amongst the countries including South Asia, Middle East, and South-East; however, later considered the presence of India in the tournament. Since the head finale will be held in Dubai it is going to be a huge affair.

The organization also added –

  • Modelling Cops is aiming to open the first Esports and Gaming Institute in India
  • The company is already in talks with the government, world-famous tech giants, content creators, players and coaches.
  • This Institute will be controlled and managed by the best faculty.
  • The Esports and Gaming Institute will also be equipped with one of the world’s finest products and facilities.
  • This would act as a game-changer or a dream come true for generations and generations to come.

The registration started on 15th May ’21 and they have been preparing for this tournament for over six months when they decide to announce it’s happening in November 2020. The company uses the high-level and day-to-day management of distribution plans to help generate international networks. They strategically move their ideas through real-time engagement with the audiences. Modelling Cops are also planning to extend their hand through other major platforms for the gamers to help them prove their talent to the maximum number of people. Their YouTube views and subscribers are flooding every single day before the event finally takes place. The company’s priority is to bring opportunities to all amazing gamers by providing them with a platform to grind and sharpen their skills daily helping them to participate in bigger tournaments. Not just YouTube but they have a huge following on Instagram and people are excited to finally see some gaming action sooner and definitely, the finale is going to be the best experience for many participating. Modelling Cops’ vision is to host the biggest third-party unofficial tournament in the history of PUBG mobile Esports and to open a grand centre in Europe by 2022.

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